The Heirs


01. Episode 1 | Leg

02. Episode 2 | Leg

03. Episode 3 | Leg

Tan and Eun Sang get stranded on the road. As they get to know each other better, Tan finds himself growing more attached to her.

04. Episode 4 | Leg

Eun Sang returns to Korea, and discovers that her mother has moved in to the Kim household. Tan struggles with his position in the Kim family.

05. Episode 5 | Leg

Tan causes an uproar in his house and with his social circle when he returns to Korea for good. Knowing that Eun Sang lives in his house, he enjoys a little bit of friendly and flirtatious teasing.

06. Episode 6 | Leg

07. Episode 7 | Leg

Tan flirts with Eun Sang excessively, while Young Do continues to torture her in school.

08. Episode 8 | Leg

09. Episode 9 | Leg

10. Episode 10 | Leg

11. Episode 11 | Leg

The love triangle heats up between Tan, Eun Sang and Young Do. The news that Rachel and Young Do will become half-siblings goes public.

12. Episode 12 | Leg

13. Episode 13 | Leg

Eun Sang and Tan face up to all their opponents and announce their relationship, but it leads to a whole mess of problems for everyone around them.

14. Episode 14 | Leg

Rachel takes over as the new bully in town as everyone is left to reflect on their own actions and thoughts.

15. Episode 15 | Leg

16. Episode 16 | Leg

Won fights for his rightful position in Jeguk Group while Tan uses his shares to his advantage to protect Eun Sang.

17. Episode 17 | Leg

Tan goes to extreme lengths to find Eun Sang, only to realize that the only way to protect her is to leave her.

18. Episode 18 | Leg

Won steps in to help his brother and Eun Sang regain their footing. Young Do makes a painful choice for himself and his friends.

19. Episode 19 | Leg

20. Episode 20 | Leg