A Sete Palmos


01. Perfect Circles | Dub • Leg

02. You Never Know | Dub • Leg

Matthew Clark Hazen: 1962 - 2003. Martin Jacobs: 1978 - 2003. Andrew Wayne Milne: 1952 - 2003. Daniel Grant Showalter: 1978 - 2003. David and Rico are at odds over doing business with the family of a deceased telemarketer, Claire finds she has more in common with a fellow art student named Russell than with Phil, and Ruth meets a new friend, Bettina. Meanwhile, David and Keith get a taste of a different kind of family life and Carol continues to make life miserable for Lisa.

03. The Eye Inside (AKA Another Voice) | Dub • Leg

04. Nobody Sleeps | Dub • Leg

Robert Lamar Giffin: 1955 - 2003. While the partner of a recently deceased gay man is orchestrating an operatic tribute at Fisher & Diaz, Lisa plans an unwanted birthday party for Ruth. Meanwhile, Claire has a night to remember with Russell and two outlaw art teachers.

05. The Trap | Dub • Leg

06. Making Love Work | Dub • Leg

07. Timing and Space | Dub • Leg

08. Tears, Bones and Desire | Dub • Leg

09. The Opening | Dub • Leg

10. Everyone Leaves | Dub • Leg

11. Death Works Overtime | Dub • Leg

12. Twilight | Dub • Leg

13. Episódio 13 | Dub • Leg

Anahid Hovanessian: 1951-2003. Ruth and George announce their wedding plans. Nate takes to the booze. A frustrated Rico finds comfort outside the home. Nate, Sr. comes and takes Claire on a tour of the afterlife and also comes to David to encourage him to make amends with Keith. Nate receives devastating news...