Mistresses  (US)  (2013)


01. Gone Girl | Leg

Karen has some bad news to tell Joss and she manages to interrupt her and Harry as they kiss on the beach.

02. Episódio 02 | Leg

The drama and intrigue continues as new friendships are forged, relationships are set on a complicated course and mysterious plans are set in motion.

03. Odd Couples | Leg

Secrets, distractions and a doctor with the personal touch lead to some interesting pairings.

04. Into the Woods | Leg

05. Threesomes | Leg

06. Love Is an Open Door | Leg

Marc makes a bad judgment call. Harry and Joss cope in different ways. Calista seeks revenge.

07. The Best Laid Plans | Leg

08. Murder She Wrote | Leg

09. Unreliable Witness | Leg

10. What Could Have Been | Leg

Joss thinks about what her life with Scott could have been like. Karen comes to a monumental decision. April and Daniel sleep together. Daniel has a tape that could benefit Joss.

11. Guilt by Association | Leg

12. Reasonable Doubt | Leg

13. Goodbye Girl | Leg