How I Met Your Mother


01. Big Days | Dub • Leg

02. Cleaning House | Dub • Leg

When Barney convinces the gang to help his mom move out of her home, they quickly learn that she has been very protective of Barney and lied to him about events throughout his life. Meanwhile, Ted gets upset when Robin oversells him to a blind date.

03. Unfinished | Dub • Leg

Barney uses his best womanizing tactics to try to convince Ted to design the new GNB building; Robin drunk dials Don.

04. Subway Wars | Dub • Leg

When the gang teases Robin about not being a real New Yorker, she sets out to prove them wrong by racing to catch a glimpse of Woody Allen.

05. Architect of Destruction | Dub • Leg

Ted becomes conflicted after meeting an attractive woman who is passionate about saving the landmark building being torn down for his new project.

06. Baby Talk | Dub • Leg

07. Canning Randy | Dub • Leg

08. Natural History | Dub • Leg

09. Glitter | Dub • Leg

10. Blitzgiving | Dub • Leg

When Ted leaves the bar early to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for his friends, the gang winds up partying all night with The Blitz, an old friend from college who has bad luck. As a result Ted is forced to spend Thanksgiving with Zoey.

11. The Mermaid Theory | Dub • Leg

12. False Positive | Dub • Leg

13. Bad News | Dub • Leg

Afraid they will never get pregnant, Lily and Marshall decide to see a specialist. Robin begins her new job.

14. Last Words | Dub • Leg

While on a trip to Minnesota, Ted and Barney try anything to make Marshall laugh. Marshall runs into an old nemesis from high school.

15. Oh Honey | Dub • Leg

Barney gets emotional when he opens up to Honey about his life. Ted admits to having feelings for Zoey to the group.

16. Desperation Day | Dub • Leg

17. Garbage Island | Dub • Leg

Marshall becomes obsessed with saving the environment after seeing a documentary on garbage. Ted runs into The Captain. Barney admits he has feelings for a woman.

18. A Change of Heart | Dub • Leg

When Barney starts to have real feelings for Nora, he worries that something is wrong with his heart. Meanwhile, Robin starts dating a guy who acts a lot like a dog.

19. Legendaddy | Dub • Leg

20. The Exploding Meatball Sub | Dub • Leg

21. Hopeless | Dub • Leg

When Barney tries to bond with his father, he asks the gang to help make his life seem more exciting by lying about their own lives. Meanwhile, Robin runs into a guy she has a crush on.

22. The Perfect Cocktail | Dub • Leg

When Marshall and Barney argue over the destruction of the Arcadian Hotel, Robin and Lily try to mix the right combination of cocktails that will force them to make up. Meanwhile, Ted plans a romantic weekend away with Zoey.

23. Landmarks | Dub • Leg

When Ted is faced with an important decision that might affect his future with Zoey, the gang expresses their true feelings about her.

24. Challenge Accepted | Dub • Leg