01. 1981 | Dub

A young Sito Miñanco has an opportunity in the business contraband of tobacco, a profit business in Galicia but soon he will know a better business, the fariña, aka cocaine.

02. 1982 | Dub

Sito Miñanco sees the dark side of cocaine when he has troubles to complete the first job. The smugglers talk about traffic with drugs.

03. 1983 | Dub

The law force increase the pressure in the smugglers with new laws and new law force. The drugs enter in the game.

04. 1984 | Dub

As Sito Miñanco continues his cocaine business, sergeant Darío Castro is progressively tracking him down.

05. 1985 | Dub

06. 1986 | Dub

07. 1987 | Dub

The drug trade brings addiction to Galicia. The Charlín family takes the risk of partnering with the Colombians, using a human life as a guarantee.

08. 1988 | Dub

Carmen Avendaño and fellow mothers of drug addicts get vocal in their protests. In prison, one of the smugglers secretly writes a transaction record.

09. 1989/1990 | Dub

10. 1990 | Dub

The smugglers face trial and Portabales testifies against them. Sito offers Ballesteros one last shipment in exchange for help fleeing from Europe.