CSI: Miami


01. Countermeasures | Dub • Leg

02. Stiff | Dub • Leg

The discovery of a strange murder weapon leads the CSIs into the world of gigolos.

03. Blown Away | Dub • Leg

A tornado touches down on a murder scene, damaging the evidence and putting Ryan and Walter in grave danger.

04. Episódio 04 | Dub • Leg

Horatio and his team are hunting a sadistic psychopath who tortures women - and one of them may still be alive.

05. Killer Regrets | Dub • Leg

06. By the Book | Dub • Leg

In a deserted mansion, the CSIs find a body hanging that appears to have been killed by a vampire.

07. Sinner Takes All | Dub • Leg

A high stakes poker game is disrupted by a masked assassin, leaving one player dead and the CSIs baffled.

08. Dead Ringer | Dub • Leg

When Horatio finds another corpse with missing eyes, everything points to his nemesis, “The Taunter” – except he has an airtight alibi.

09. A Few Dead Men | Dub • Leg

The CSIs investigate when three convicted murderers are released from prison and someone starts killing them one by one.

10. Long Gone | Dub • Leg

Horatio is determined to find a family that completely disappeared.

11. Crowned | Dub • Leg

12. Friendly Fire | Dub • Leg

An eccentric genius is assassinated with the most unique weapon the CSIs have ever seen.

13. Terminal Velocity | Dub • Leg

When a skydiver is murdered, the CSIs discover that he has more than 100 children and all of them are suspects.

14. Last Straw | Dub • Leg

When the sisters of a Miami sorority are knocked off one by one, the CSIs try to end the murder spree.

15. No Good Deed | Dub • Leg

When a neighborhood do-gooder is murdered, Horatio and the CSIs discover that he was planning to blow the whistle on something big.

16. Rest in Pieces | Dub • Leg

17. At Risk | Dub • Leg

When a beloved tennis coach is nearly killed, Calleigh discovers a personal connection to the case.

18. Law & Disorder | Dub • Leg

A corruption scandal is uncovered by the CSI team which forces Horatio to face an old adversary. Malcolm McDowell returns as Darren Vogel.

19. Habeas Corpse | Dub • Leg