CSI: Miami


01. Golden Parachute | Dub • Leg

02. Losing Face | Dub • Leg

03. Wet Foot/Dry Foot | Dub • Leg

04. Just One Kiss | Dub • Leg

A dead man with a slit throat and a partially burned face is discovered on a Miami beach, along with an unconscious young girl who was beaten and thrown into the ocean. The investigation leads Horatio to a prominent Florida family and its steely patriarch, who was once involved in a mysterious case that has plagued Horatio for years.

05. Ashes To Ashes | Dub • Leg

When a priest is found dead in his rectory after being brutally shot, Megan, Calleigh and Speedle must untangle a messy web of familial issues that lead to his death. Elsewhere, Horatio and Eric attempt to solve the emotional case of an exploded vehicle, which was home to a mother with child.

06. Broken | Dub • Leg

The whole team investigates the crime scene of an indoor amusement park when a young girl is found dead in the bathroom. They must track down the relentless man responsible for the heinous crime quicker than usual, as everyone on location has been detained until they can be cleared. What looks to be like a regular attempted kidnapping turns out to be much more than any of the detectives had bargained for.

07. Breathless | Dub • Leg

Horatio, Calleigh and Speedle investigate the death of an exotic male dancer found dead after a sexual party, and must dig through the evidence to discover a motive. Meanwhile, Eric and Megan investigate the death of a man involved in diving that mysteriously died after climbing onto a random boat.

08. Slaughterhouse | Dub • Leg

09. Killzone | Dub • Leg

10. A Horrible Mind | Dub • Leg

Horatio, Speedle and Calleigh root through the evidence in the homocide of a strange, and unorthodox college professor when they find him tied to a tree. Elsewhere, Delko and Megan investigate a car found in the water with a dead body in the trunk, and immediately suspect an insurance scam.

11. Camp Fear | Dub • Leg

The team investigates the death of a young model, whose body was found near a juvenile detention camp for girls. Across town, Delko and Speedle probe the bizarre death of a man who was apparently burned from the inside.

12. Entrance Wound | Dub • Leg

13. Bunk | Dub • Leg

Horatio investigates the death of a man who accidentally inhaled a lethal combination of chemicals in a neighboring house after he went inside to retrieve his cat. Elsewhere, a resident of a retirement community is found dead in a pool of blood, an apparent victim of a vicious attack.

14. Forced Entry | Dub • Leg

A nude man is found tied to his bed, having suffocated on a rag stuffed in his mouth while he was being sexually assaulted. Meanwhile, while investigating the murder of a crematorium owner, the CSIs discover dozens of bodies that were never cremated.

15. Dead Woman Walking | Dub • Leg

16. Evidence of Things Unseen | Dub • Leg

Horatio and his team investigate after a Russian immigrant is stabbed to death in a peep-show booth, and the only witness to the crime is the stripper who was performing for him.

17. Simple Man | Dub • Leg

18. Dispo Day | Dub • Leg

19. Double Cap | Dub • Leg

20. Grave Young Men | Dub • Leg

21. Spring Break | Dub • Leg

The team investigates the deaths of two college students who were in Miami on spring break. The first is a teenage girl found dead on a beach with her neck broken and human bite marks on her legs. The second is a young man found in the bottom of a hotel swimming pool who apparently died before he hit the water.

22. Tinder Box | Dub • Leg

23. Freaks and Tweaks | Dub • Leg

24. Body Count | Dub • Leg