iCarly (iCarly)


01. IPilot | Dub

02. iWant More Viewers | Dub

03. iDream of Dance | Dub

Carly and Sam get inspiration to dance from dance videos sent by fans of their web show. Carly struts her stuff in a dream with her charming partner.

04. iLike Jake | Dub

05. iWanna Stay With Spencer | Dub

06. iNevel | Dub

Carly, Sam and Freddie want their show to be reviewed. Carly risks receiving a bad review when she insults the annoying eleven year old who runs a popular site that rates web casts.

07. iScream on Halloween | Dub

08. iSpy a Mean Teacher | Dub

The topic for the next iCarly webcast is figuring out what mean teachers do outside of school. When Carly and Freddie follow Ms. Briggs home, they get stuck inside her house.

09. iWant to Date Freddie | Dub

Valerie, a girl from school, shows interest in Freddie, and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. She tries to tear Freddie away from iCarly to film her webcast and tries to recruit Sam, too.

10. iWant a World Record | Dub

Carly, Freddie and Sam want to get into the world record book so they decide to try and beat the record for longest ongoing webcast. Meanwhile, Spencer builds an enormous sculpture.

11. iRue the Day | Dub

12. iPromise Not to Tell | Dub

Carly gets a B on her history paper and becomes upset because she thinks she deserves better. Sam hacks into the school computer to change the grade and all is fine until Carly has to deal with her guilty conscience.

13. iAm Your Biggest Fan | Dub

14. iHeart Art | Dub

Spencer becomes depressed and uninterested in art after his idol criticizes his work. Carly tries to cheer him up by featuring some of his sculptures on the show.

15. Episódio 15 | Dub

16. iHatch Chicks | Dub

Carly and Sam have a science project to hatch chicks. When the eggs hatch earlier than expected, they have to search the apartment for the runaway chicks.

17. Episódio 17 | Dub

Carly becomes angry at Sam after she trades the shirt Carly made her for concert tickets. Meanwhile, Spencer invents a contraption to feed his fish

18. iPromote Techfoots | Dub

Daka Shoes wants iCarly to promote their new shoe, Techfoots. Carly accepts and tells all her viewers to buy the shoe. Unfortunately, the shoes are no good and fans began to complain. The gang has to find a way out of the contract. Meanwhile, Spencer expresses his dislike for public transportation after he falls asleep on a bus and ends up in Canada.

19. iGot Detention | Dub

20. iStakeout | Dub

21. iMight Switch Schools | Dub

Freddie, Sam and her webcast, iCarly. Freddie and Sam scheme to make sure that Carly stays. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a mini golf course that becomes popular.

22. iFence | Dub

23. iCarly Saves Television | Dub

24. iWin A Date | Dub

Carly tries to get her web show viewers to take a boy in her school on a date.

25. iHave a Lovesick Teacher | Dub